Foodora workers in cooperation with Vapaa Syndikaatti and Vastavoima are starting a campaign to improve the working conditions of bicycle couriers and car drivers, and to repeal the recent pay cuts.

This July, Foodora unilaterally cut the hourly pay of its freelance couriers and car drivers. Foodora bicycle couriers can now be on the streets earning as little as €7 per hour.

Foodora also removed the parking benefit and kilometer allowance given to car drivers. These changes worsened the already precarious position of freelance couriers and drivers.

The workers demand that Foodora repeals the pay cut and changes these terms so that freelancers can work in dignified conditions and earn a living wage.

During the first stage of the campaign, the demands by the workers will be given to Foodora and the press is informed about the campaign. We will hand over the worker demands in person at the Foodora HQ in Helsinki. During the hand-over we will also organize a demonstration, in which experiences by couriers are heard. We will use social media and on the ground activity so that as many people as possible hear about Foodora’s decisions and demands by its workers.

We are now calling different actors to join the campaign. Groups can announce that they support the campaign (as we are trying to create a large coalition in support of Foodora workers). Individuals and groups can also take part in the campaign by attending the meetings, where we inform what kind of help is needed, or by contacting us via email.