Justice for Wolt couriers and drivers

in Finnish / suomeksi

Our campaign is expanding, because the problems of the platform economy are not restricted to Foodora. We have been contacted by Wolt couriers and the first of them have now joined our campaign. We welcome other Wolt couriers and drivers to join our campaign as well so that we can together work for better working conditions.

Based on the discussions with Wolt couriers, the problems at Wolt are very similar to those at Foodora: the couriers are not employed, but fake freelancers and thus excluded from even the most basic security, such as insurances or sick leave. They too pay for their own equipment and for the side expenses out of their pay, which is on a very low level and which Wolt further reduced in March. Unlike at Foodora, the Wolt couriers have never even had break spaces. Our demands are:

  • Repeal the pay cuts
  • Job security: couriers need insurances and sick leave as well as transparent shift allocation
  • Compensations for equipment and vehicle maintenance
  • Break spaces
  • The possibility for employment contracts

As is with Foodora, many of the problems of the Wolt couriers are caused by them being excluded from employment and the minimal security that comes with it. We are now crafting our general demands with Wolt couriers to address the specific situation at Wolt and planning how to go about our campaign regarding Wolt. We encourage other Wolt couriers to join us in planning the demands and the campaign.

In Australia and Spain food couriers have been recognized as employees as a result of their campaigning. It shows that we can change the terms and conditions of our work with collective action. Fake freelancing and forced entrepreneurship are not restricted to Foodora, or even to Foodora and Wolt, but they are a problem on many industries.

So join our campaign, together we can solve the problem!